Lhuntse (the ancestral home of Bhutan’s royal family) is a remote district in north-eastern Bhutan which is culturally part of eastern Bhutan and only accessible by road from Mongar. On foot it can be reached from Tashi Yangtse with which it shares cultural heritage. It is one of the least developed districts and little visited by tourists.

Its interest lies mainly in the many weaving villages dotted through the region. Khoma is a typical example and within easy reach of the town. Here, unusually, the men will do the household tasks such as cooking and cleaning for their wives. Although traditionally this is all women’s work, things are done differently here so that the family can benefit from the income which can be made from the weaving activity. In the early days the women used to weave only for themselves and their families, but now they will take their products to Thimphu to sell and they can get high prices, as one piece of cloth can take up to 3 months to finish because of the intricate patterns.

Lhuntse’s beautiful Dzong was sadly badly damaged by an earthquake in 2012 and is currently being painstakingly renovated by local craftsmen.

There is no tourist accommodation in Lhuntse, but a nearby guest house in Autsho offers basic accommodation for those keen to visit the area.

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