Haa day hikes

There are several excellent hikes in the Haa valley.

From Dorikha village you can drive about an hour up to Tergo La pass climbing from 2900m to 3715m. If the weather is clear you will see Bhutan’s highest mountain (Gangkhar Puensum – elevation 7543m) and other peaks such as Mount Jomolhari, Jichu Drakey and Tsherim Gang. From the pass you can walk up to Laptsa Teng (elevation 4250m), which takes around one hour.  If you prefer to spend more time on the pass you can walk around, and afterwards take a picnic lunch.  From here it is around 3 hours’ trek down to Dorikha Village. On the way you can visit Dorikha Lhakhang – the oldest temple in the village. (Approximately 5-6 hours walking in total). Your driver will meet you at Dorikha to drive you approximately 3 hours back to Paro for the night.  It is also an option to stay the night in a farmhouse in Dorikha village either before or after the hike.

Take a three-hour return hike from Haa town to Juneydrak Hermitage.  The walk is through rhododendron forest with fine views.  Start about 1 km north of Haa, by the hospital and just before the main bridge, where a 4 wheel drive track branches east to  Katsho village.  The cliff-side retreat contains a footprint of Machen Labdrom (1055 -1132), a female Tibetan tantric practitioner.  A trail follows the stream past a mani wall to a two-legged archway chorten (known as a khonying).  Cross the bridge and ascend through a charming rhododendron forest.  At a red sign, take a trail to the left and climb up to a chorten that marks the entry to the Hermitage.  If there is no one meditating inside the temple then we can go in and take a look at the footprint.  If monks are meditating in the Hermitage you will not be able to go in, but it is a lovely walk and there is a beautiful view back towards Haa valley from the temple.  You should also be able to stop a visit a local farmhouse during your walk.

For a whole day hike in the Haa valley it is possible to hike from Puduna village via Pajakha, Chozokha and Sangkari Village and finish in Gerina Village, in total 5 to 6 hours.

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