Bumthang treks

There are two excellent tough high altitude treks that can be undertaken from Bumthang.

The first is Rodong-la trek which runs over 10 days from Bumthang in central Bhutan to Tashi Yangtse in eastern Bhutan.  Because of the remote start and end point ideally this needs 21 days in Bhutan, although it can be shorter if no sightseeing is included and with an overland exit in the east.  The trek is challenging as it involves long and steep ascents and descents and several passes to climb.  The best seasons for it are October or early November, or late Spring.

The second is the trek to Gangkhar Puensum base camp which also takes around 10 days.  Again a longer overall trip length is needed to get to and from the start – we recommend 16 to 20 days in total.  Because of the remote location the logistics of organising this trek are complex and we would need a group of 6 to 8 trekkers to be able to arrange it.  The trek is a reasonably moderate trek, but requires a decent level of fitness because of the high altitude of the starting point and some high passes to cross.

There are some short low altitude treks in the Bumthang area, such as the Bumthang Owl trek which are suitable for those looking for a gentle trekking experience.  However given the wealth of good day hikes in the area it may be preferable to include a number of hikes to hill top monasteries in place of a trek.

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